Excellence in lifelong learning programs and services will support successful outcomes and ensure our learners are confident in their self-identity, their families, and their communities.

This will be accomplished through community engagement on how best to weave traditional values, language, and culture into a recommended education system.

The LLTF understands the importance of seeing our people as inspiration for the work we are undertaking for the community.  We acknowledge and thank our valued citizens that participated in the photoshoot for this website and those that have contributed photos to highlight the ongoing work in this community to improve educational outcomes for all learners.

The LLTF also acknowledges and honours all of the education champions that have worked and still are working tirelessly in our community to improve the learning experience for our people.  We hope you can see your hard work and dedication reflected in this current initiative we engage upon together as a community.  

The Taskforce will provide holistic recommendations to identify
an education system that will meet the current and future
needs of Six Nations learners.

This will be accomplished by:

Once engagement is completed, a recommended strategic plan for a community-owned and operated Lifelong Learning Education System will be proposed by LLTF for review by the community.

Recommendations will focus on three broad categories:

“What needs to be in place for all of us
to learn throughout our life?”

Why Explore Lifelong Learning?

Previous studies on education and recent community engagement reveal many strengths but also weaknesses and gaps in our current education system.

Areas for Improvement

  • Our current system is a patchwork of programs and services based on federal and provincial funding streams. The current fragmented system hinders coordinated efforts to offer holistic education along the full lifelong learning continuum.
  • The current education system in our community remains mainly in the control of the federal and provincial governments. This hinders us from offering education grounded in our Haudenosaunee values, principles, language and culture.

Potential Solution

  • There is a strong need to obtain adequate, stable and predictable funding and to coordinate all elements of lifelong learning programs and services to build on strengths, address current challenges and better meet the needs of our learners.
  • A new and innovative approach to education is needed to put control over and management of education back in the hands of Six Nations to ensure education is provided in a way that serves the unique needs of our learners, our clans and nations, and the community.

Whose responsibility is it?

  • The federal government is responsible to provide the funding required for us to carry out our ancestral responsibility to create the space for our people to share and transfer knowledge.
  • It is our community’s responsibility to share and transfer knowledge to future generations throughout our lives.
  • It is the taskforce’s responsibility to engage with the community to make recommendations on a Lifelong learning education system

The 2019 Six Nations Community Plan states, Our Vision for the future is that…
“Six Nations is a community where all have access to holistic education that centres around our culture and prepares our people for employment opportunities in all fields.”

Review what LLTF has accomplished so far

In order to ensure the education plan is reflective of the Six Nations Community we need you to get involved. There are multiple ways you can do this, whether it’s in-person or online.

Engagement will be divided into two main phases:

Phase One: K-12 Learners
Phase one: Ongoing

Phase Two: Lifelong Learning